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EcoCulture provides solutions to the serious environmental problem caused by the excess of nitrates.

Nitrogen is a key element in the production of intensive crops and is related to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Unfortunately, the massive increase in the amount of Nitrogen introduced into the environment through nitrogen fertilizers has had significant negative environmental consequences.

The excessive and / or inadequate application of nitrogen fertilizers, generates different problems for the farmer and the environment:

– Soils and superficial and underground waters contamination

– High water and fertilizer costs

– Accumulation of nitrates in fruits

– Poor use of soil (low yields)

– Depletion of soils as a result of high consumption of fertilizers based on nitrates

– Nutritional imbalances in plants, creating plants more exposed to attacks of fungi and bacteria

– Apical growths that reduce productive potential

– High energy consumption by the plant

– Lower quality in production

– Shorter shelf life of harvested fruits

– Salinity problems associated with excess of nitrates

– Human health: The consumption of water and vegetables with high levels of NO3- can create serious health problems

EcoCulture has developed a technology that makes it possible to reduce the application of nitrogen in agriculture in very significant quantities. This not only supposes a tremendous positive impact for the environment and the health of the people but it improves the quality of the harvests and increases the production of the crops.

This technology, called NHDelta, is an important part of the solution to the serious global environmental problem caused by the excessive use of nitrate-based fertilizers.

NHDelta’s technology proposes a more sustainable, efficient and intelligent system since it offers a more balanced form for plant nutrition in terms of nitrogen requirements.

NHDelta manufacturing technology stabilizes the nitrogen in the form of amide offering different possibilities since it can be combined with Calcium, Potassium or Magnesium. This way, the plant absorbs the correct proportion of non-nitrous nitrogen for a longer period of time to obtain optimum quality and yield, stimulating the formation of strong roots and the development of flowers and fruits and reducing the excessive vegetative growth that often cause conventional nitrogen products based on nitrates or ammonium.

By balancing the use of amide and nitrate forms, plants grow more “naturally”, with better development, better flowering, shorter internodes, better root development and higher seed production. The unique formulation of NHDelta products ensures that the stabilized amide offers greater bioavailability in the soil in the long term.

The main advantages of the use of NHDelta technology in agriculture are:

– Reduces up to 50% in nitrates applications

– Improves soil conditions after processes such as disinfection

– Unlock problematic soils

– Ensures a quality rooting as it increases the production of secondary roots

– Save irrigation water

– It produces generative growth instead of vegetative growth

– Increase production

– Improves the quality of the harvest

– Increase precocity in the collection

– Reduces the incidence of diseases in crops

– Improves the establishment of beneficial microorganisms

In tests carried out on tomato crops by the Tecnova Foundation, it was certified that using this technology, a drastic reduction in the nitrate contribution was possible, up to 50% while improving the production and quality of the crop.

Another of the great benefits of using NHDelta technology is the irrigation water saving, one of the great challenges in the agricultural sector for this century. Ecoculture is currently carrying out a project at Tecnova Technological Center to certify what percentage of water savings can be achieved with this technology. A news that without a doubt will revolutionize the sector, especially in areas with water deficit.

More information about NHDelta technology here.

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