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Increases size and sugar levels of fruit

Rainbow Wave stimulates the redistribution of nutrients from the leaf to fruits, flowers and tubers.

Rainbow Wave redistributes the energy resources and other photo-assimilates to the parts of the plant where they are really necessary, increasing production and post harvest quality.


Reduces excessive apical growth

Rainbow Wave is a product designed to switch nutrients distribution from excessive vegetative growth to the harvestable portion of the crop. It can also be used prior to crop desiccation in root vegetables and tubers.

Rainbow Wave is also a highly effective boron fertiliser and can be used in all crops (such as oilseed rape and other brassicas) that have a high requirement for this nutrient.

Rainbow Wave advantages


Increases fruit size


Increases sugar levels


Reduces excessive apical growth


Drives sugars to the fruit / seed / tuber

sello ecologico


Suitable for organic agriculture

How does Rainbow Wave technology work

Grafico Rainbow EN

Rainbow Wave special formulation

Rainbow Wave redistributes the energy resources decreasing apical dominance by inhibiting the growth of the apical buds. This induces a more natural growth habit; shorter internodes, better root development, more shoots, more flowers and fruits. Fruit will also be larger with a higher sugar content.

Rainbow Wave Brochure

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Safety data sheet

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Technical data sheet

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Dose rate

Rainbow Wave can be applied as a foliar spray or in irrigation / fertigation.

foliar ecoculture

Dose rate for foliar application

1-2 l/ha in a water volume of at least 200 litres. Ensure thorough coverage of plant and fruit and use a medium / fine droplet spectrum.

For pre harvest application in root and tuber crops use at 5 l/ha 10 days before leaf desiccation.

Dose rate for irrigation applications

2-3 l/ha every 15-20 days.



1 and 5 litres.

Rainbow Wave Composition

Compound Inorganic Micronutrient Fertiliser Boron(B), Molybdenum (Mo)

Boron (Bo)
Molybdenum (Mo)

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