Allows to reduce up to 50% of the Nitrogen applications 

NH Delta products are stabilised nitrogen with calcium, potassium, magnesium or copper fertilizer which enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance. Ideal for arid and semi-arid areas, soils with high pH, saline soils with high levels of sodium or where quality of irrigation water is poor.  They improve yield, quality and fruit homogeneity, extending the productive life of the crop, allowing reduction of the conventional nitrogen applications. 

NH Delta Technology stabilizes amine nitrogen. Acting in this way, plants absorb the correct proportions of nitrogen to obtain optimum yield and quality, stimulating rooting processes and flower and fruit development, whilst reducing the excessive vegetative growth, often generated by conventional nitrogen products.

Less nitrates = More production and better quality


The unique formulation of Delta products ensure that the amide is stabilized to offer long term bio-availability in the soil, without the need for artificial bactericides/bacteriastats.

Delta products are non-phytotoxic allowing use as foliar or soil applied fertilizers and can be stores for long periods without gaseous breakdown.

Delta products are available with additional calcium, potassium, copper or magnesium as supporting nutrients and can be mixed or alternated as part of balanced nutrition regime.

Advantages of NH Delta Technology  

NHCa Delta supplies calcium to roots, stems, shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits improving quality and shelf life once they are harvested. Also, it improves the absorption and distribution of calcium even in calcareous soils.

NHCa Delta can help combat physiological disorders related to stress (Blossom End Rot, bitter pit, cork spot, tip burn, black heart black spot, flower and fruit abortion).

NHK Delta enhances potassium absorption but without interfering with calcium and magnesium uptake – which helps improve growth in saline soils.


NH Delta can be applied foliarly (alone or in combination with the usual phytosanitary treatments) or in fertigation.


300-1000 cc/100 L (3-10 L/h in 1000 L of water) 


3-10 L/ha each 7-15 days or by fractionating this dose in 2-3 applications with smaller intervals

NH Delta are compatible with XStress, CalFlux, TipTop 20 and other products of the eCoCulture range. Do not mix with oils. If in doubt, proceed to perform a small scale compatibility test prior to application.

NHCa Delta:15% Nitrogen (N – 10% NH2 and 5% NO3); 7% Calcium (Ca); 0,2% Boron (B) w/w

NHK Delta:15% Nitrogen (N – 13,7% NH2 y 1,3% NO3); 7% Potassium (K) w/w

NHMg Delta13% Nitrogen; 5% Magnessiun as (MgO); w/w

NHCu Delta10% Nitrogen (as NH2); 4% Calcium(Ca), 3% Copper (Cu); w/w


Packaging  1, 5, 10, 20, 200 and 1000 L 

Application and dosage

100 – 200 cc/100 L

Apply a minimum of 3 or 4 times per campaign. In horticulture, apply regularly from planting to get the best results.

For more information on individual crops check the specific programs