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Better colour, brighter, faster

Blush is a fertiliser designed to improve maturation in fruits and vegetables, without effecting shelf life. It provides molybdenum and boron that the crop needs to mature in a highly efficient formula that improves colour by speeding up the formation of pigments. Blush also promotes the formation of sugars, improving sweetness of the fruit.

The solution to colouring problems.

Blush quickly promotes the acquisition of a better and more uniform colour in the fruit, improving the overall appearance, and reducing time to picking. Particularly useful towards the end of season as fruits take longer to ripen.

Advantages of Blush


More intense and uniform colouration


Brighter and better quality fruits


Accelerates colouration


More marketable yield at better prices

sello ecologico


Suitable for organic agriculture

How does Blush technology work

Grafico blush

Blush special formulation

Molybdenum is a key element in the formation of ABA (abscisic acid).

On the one hand, it acts as a key cofactor in the synthesis of carotenoid pigments, which are precursors of ABA. On the other hand, it forms an essential structural part of the oxidase enzyme that converts the aldehyde of abscisic acid into the hormone ABA.

Blush improves both processes, influencing the formation of carotenoids and anthocyanins (coloured pigments) shortening the date of harvest but not altering the development of the fruit (the fruit does not age prematurely).

Technical Sheet


Safety data sheet


Blush Brochure



1.5 l/ha diluted in a volume between 200 to 1000 litres of water. Ensure thorough coverage of plant and fruit. Use a medium / fine droplet spectrum. Repeat application after 5 days depending on requirements.

It is recommended to mix with XStress at 1 l/ha to obtain the best post-harvest results.

foliar ecoculture

Dose rate

Blush is a foliar applied product. Can be used alone or in tank mixture.



1 and 5 litres

Garrafas Blush

Blush composition

Compound Inorganic fertiliser based on micronutrients Boron (Bo), Molybdenum (Mo)

Boron (Bo)
Molybdenum (Mo)

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