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Optimizes irrigation water consumption

Slick is a complex of high performance wetting agents. Slick decreases the surface tension of the irrigation water enhancing penetration and distribution in a faster, more extensive and uniform way throughout the whole soil profile.

Slick greatly facilitates both vertical and horizontal water movement in all 3 dimensions resulting in an improved root system and significantly enhanced irrigation water consumption.


Optimizes soil disinfection processes

Promote water retention

Distributes water and desinfection gases more widely and uniformly

Slick advantages

  • Optimises water consumption and reduces irrigation costs.
  • Increases yield and quality.
  • Favours the penetration and distribution of water in a faster, more extensive and uniform way.
  • Facilitates 3-dimensional water movement both vertical and horizontal.
  • Enhances the development of the root system.
  • Includes amino acids of plant origin that enhance root development and optimise the absorption of nutrients and reduce water stress.
  • Reduce water logging, maintaining aeration and allowing the development of beneficial micro- flora and fungi.
  • Improved rooting increases the bio-availability of nutrients to the plant.
  • Reduced water loss, important for environmental benefits and reduced costs.


More extensive and uniform water distribution


Stress-free irrigation for the crop


Optimizes irrigation water consumption

How Slick technology works

Slick actua

Slick Special Formulation

Slick is a complex of high quality, high performance wetting agents for application via the soil through the irrigation system. Slick lowers the surface tension of the water favoring its penetration and distribution in a faster, more extensive and uniform way.

The interaction of amino acids with plants and soil microorganisms.

Slick includes in its composition amino acids of vegetable origin that optimize nutrient absorption and reduce water stress.

The action of amino acids on living organisms is very important to help them overcome stress situations and situations of high metabolic activity such as those occurring in the sprouting, flowering and fruiting phases.

Slick enhances the beneficial action of soil microorganisms such as trichodermas and mycorrhizae.

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Technical data sheet


Safety data sheet


Slick Brochure


Slick disinfection brochure



Drip dose

Slick can be applied together with fertilizers at a dose of 1L/ha per month, distributed in 4 applications of 0.25 L/ha every 7 days.

Standard application by sprinkling and pivoting

dose slick

Packs sizes

1 and 5 litres

Slick composition

Inorganic Soil Improver. Soil wetting agent

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