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As specialists in plant physiology and abiotic stress, Ecoculture presents a product range focused on the development of specific products for the combat of stress, improve crop growth and health, increase quality, and minimise the amount of waste. We make our products to the highest quality standards to ensure the best performance at field level.

NHDelta technology offers the most suitable form of plant nutrition in terms of nitrogen use by the plant. The unique formulation of the NHDelta range of products ensures that the stabilised amine offers optimal uptake by the leaf and higher bioavailability to the roots in the soil in the long term. NHDelta therefore increases plant growth, yield potential and plant health.

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XStress is a nutritional product developed to reduce the negative effects that result from environmental stressful situations. XStress contains a mixture of micronutrients, with a new system of formulation which gives it an advantage of uptake into the leaf stomata easily and without any effort. This technology is a powerful tool for combating abiotic stress such as high or low temperature, floods or droughts (water stress), high light UV conditions and high concentrations of salts in soil and water.

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CalFlux is a product that combines calcium and zinc in an optimized formulation. The synergistic action of both elements and formulation allows the plant to absorb and maintain calcium levels in the areas that present symptoms of deficiency, particularly in the fruit. The unique formulation of CalFlux gives greater flexibility in its use for foliar applications and improvement in plant responses to calcium, compared to other calcium treatments.

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Blush is a fertiliser designed to improve maturation in fruits and vegetables, without effecting shelf life. It provides molybdenum and boron that the crop needs to mature in a highly efficient formula that improves colour by speeding up the formation of pigments. Blush also promotes the formation of sugars, improving sweetness of the fruit.

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Rainbow Wave stimulates the redistribution of nutrients from the leaf to fruits, flowers and tubers. Rainbow Wave redistributes the energy resources and other photo-assimilates to the parts of the plant where they are really necessary, increasing production and post harvest quality.

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TipTop is a 20:20:20 high concentration suspension fertiliser with extra microelements for foliar applications. TipTop can be used on a range of indoor and outdoor crops with a requirement for a full complement of nutrients. TipTop has a unique formulation that maintains the suspension and enhances efficacy.

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ZimaFlux is a water soluble powder formula based on zinc and manganese. ZimaFlux is formulated using the special Ecoculture technology with rapid action in the prevention and correction of deficiencies due to these microelements.

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Leodita is an organic soil improver based on micronized leonardite with a high content of humic and fulvic acids. Leodita favours the absorption and transport of nutrients and in particular essential minerals and trace elements. Leodita includes a patented blend of 100% bio-degradable non ionic surfactants that offer wetting and spreading properties.

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Slick is a complex of high performance wetting agents. Slick decreases the surface tension of the irrigation water enhancing penetration and distribution in a faster, more extensive and uniform way throughout the whole soil profile. Slick greatly facilitates both vertical and horizontal water movement in all 3 dimensions resulting in an improved root system and significantly enhanced irrigation water consumption.

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toPKit is a special liquid foliar fertilizer with high levels of phosphorus, potasium and a full range of microelements. It provides all the essential nutrients the crop needs to maintain healthy growth and peak yield. Formulated for foliar applications, toPKit is rapidly absorbed by the fruits and leaves of the plant for rapid correction of nutrient deficiencies caused during periods of high nutrient requirements.

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