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High efficiency micronized leonardite suspension

Leodita is an organic soil improver based on micronized leonardite with a high content of humic and fulvic acids.

Leodita favours the absorption and transport of nutrients and in particular essential minerals and trace elements.

Leodita includes a patented blend of 100% bio-degradable non ionic surfactants that offer wetting and spreading properties.


Advantages of Leodita


  • Improves soil structure.
  • Releases nutrients from the soil
  • Greater moisture retention
  • High capacity to ionize metals making them available to plants


  • Improves plant growth and quality
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Enhances photosynthesis, respiration and protein synthesis
  • Improves the effectiveness of fertilizers, synergistic effect with foliar nutrients, particularly with NHDelta


  • Healthier soils
  • Activate the rhizosphere
  • Increases biological activity in the soil


Soil Benefits


Plant benefits


Microbiota benefits

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Suitable for organic farming

How does Leodita works

Special formulation Leodita

Leodita is made with 100% Leonardite in its natural state. The raw material is extracted, classified and pulverized without executing any chemical process. For this reason, the raw material has been approved and is listed for organic use.

Leodita has been formulated so that the product is suitable for foliar application or by fertigation. With an acidic pH between 4 and 5, the product enhances the uptake of minerals and nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable in the soil, including iron and phosphate.

Low pH formulation and non-ionic surfactants improve tank mix compatibility.

The Leonardite is pulverized to a fine particle size (approximately 2.5 microns), providing greater surface area and product efficacy, as well as eliminating the possibility of clogging spray nozzles.

Technical data sheet


Safety data sheet


Leodita Brochure



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Packs sizes

1 and 5 L

Dose rate

Apply at a dose of 1-2 l/ha for a volume of at least 200 liters of water.

The product is suitable for foliar application or fertigation.

Highly recommended for all types of crops: greenhouse crops, horticultural crops, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus, banana, vines and table grapes, strawberries and other berries, beets and carrots.

Also to accelerate seed germination, promote nutrient absorption and improve soil structure.

The mixture of Leodita with NHDelta further improves its efficacy.

Leodita composition

Organic soil Improver. Liquid susoension concentrate of leonardite.

Organic Carbon
Organic Nitrogen

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