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About us

Helping to grow food sustainably since 2011

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Our Story

Ecoculture was founded by Angel Ruiz and Martyn Pearce in 2011 after many years of collaborating successfully in the fields of agriculture and horticulture.

Together they are applying the principles of sustainable food production, through understanding the needs of both the plant and the food industry. By working with growers, agronomists, food groups and research scientists, Ecoculture can deploy the latest scientific innovations into their range of products for the benefit of the whole food chain.

With this unique background of expertise, Ecoculture can provide unprecedented support for their core range of products and offer bespoke design for customer requirements.

Ecoculture, breaking records

We are an Anglo-Spanish company with a strong multinational character.
We are revolutionizing the agricultural sector by exporting our successful programmes in all types of crops across the planet.

With the implementation of our cultivation programmes, farmers around the world get all the benefits from the latest technology developed by the Ecoculture R&D department, achieving extraordinary results and yields.

Proof of this are the different production world records that the farmer Tim Layman has broken in the United Kingdom or the achievement by a Polish wheat farmer in the winter using a range of Ecoculture products.


Ecoculture products

The Ecoculture product range actively supports the plant mechanisms necessary for optimal plant growth, maximising yield and quality, in a sustainable manner.


Farming Programmes

Ecoculture has developed successful fertilisation programmes for all types of crops. You can check the crop you want to see in detail and download the application programme of our products.

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Ecoculture in the World

Ecoculture has an expanding distribution network of distributors selected for their expertise in local markets.


Strategic partners

Thanks to all of them we make agriculture more sustainable and profitable.

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