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Strengthens cell walls, improving fruit quality and yield

CalFlux is a product that combines calcium and zinc in an optimized formulation. The synergistic action of both elements and formulation allows the plant to absorb and maintain calcium levels in the areas that present symptoms of deficiency, particularly in the fruit. The unique formulation of CalFlux gives greater flexibility in its use for foliar applications and improvement in plant responses to calcium, compared to other calcium treatments.

CalFlux is unique among calcium products as it is taken up directly at the point of contact and it does not require plant redistribution.

Reduce damage due to dehydration of the fruit

By enhancing cellular wall strength through greater calcium levels, the cell is better able withstand dehydration caused by water stress.

Advantages of CalFlux


Strengthens and improves fruit cells giving improvement in taste and texture of fruit.


Improves the shape and homogeneity of fruit. More viable seeds in peas, beans and oilseed rape. Higher grain weight in cereals.


Greater firmness, quality and shelf-life of the picked product. Leafy salad crops remain firmer and crunchier for longer post harvest.


Improved calcium absorption for avoiding deficiency symptoms such as tip burn, blossom end rot, bitter pit, black heart.

How the technology works CalFlux


CalFlux special formulation

Calcium normally requires endogenous auxins to activate the transport mechanism through the membrane and maintain growth.
The special formulation of CalFlux does not require auxins to cross the membrane providing calcium to the cellular structure.
Calcium continues to enter the cell even in situations of low auxin production under conditions of abiotic stress or poor growth.

Technical data sheet

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CalFlux Brochure

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Safety data sheet

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How the product works


CalFlux should be applied as a foliar spray, using a medium / fine droplet spectrum to ensure coverage of buds, flowers, fruitlets and fruit. 

foliar ecoculture

Dose rate for foliar application

1-2 l/ha in a minimum volume of 200 litres of water.



1 and 5 litres

Garrafas CalFlux

CalFlux composition

Straight Liquid Inorganic Macronutrient Fertiliser N(Ca) 5(5) with Zinc (Zn) w/w

Calcium (Ca)
Zinc (Zn)

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