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At Ecoculture Biosciences, we are working to develop specific solutions to the negative effects of plant stress processes, to improve food quality, to increase yield and to reduce unnecessary wastage.  



At EcoCulture we have developed Sustainable Solutions that allow us to increase production by reducing the supply of nitrates



Better quality and more production for the farmer


The right solutions at the right moments


Specialist in Plant Physiology

Ecoculture is committed to the ideals of sustainable farming, by maximising the productive yield from crops whilst minimising artificial inputs; ensuring the majority of the crop is grown to standards that customers demand and to ensure that the produce is in the best possible condition to pass through the food chain without being wasted. 

Main News

A single application of CalFlux increased yield by 12% in a recent OSR trial in Czech Republic

Trial result shows importance of CalFlux (Premiant Omega) in enhancing yield of oil seed rape when applied at flowering/ pod set. Results from  three recent trials conducted on behalf of Aventro by Agrosluzba in Czech Republic, recorded that a single application...

Ecoculture consolidates sports and physical activity support also in times of COVID-19

The company from Almeria collaborates with Almeria Basket Club (Club Baloncesto Almería) sponsoring the Technification Summer Camp that is being carried out in July Ecoculture Biosciences maintains its commitment to support physical activity and sports, also in times...

Efficient and sustainable cultivation of avocado with the Ecoculture programme

By Angel Ruiz. A sustainable avocado cultivation has been set as a goal for the company Ecoculture Biosciences. In order to define our sustainability concept we have established the following points and guidelines:  Improve land use for more intensive production...

Ecoculture Biosciences arrives in Belarus and continues its expansion in Eastern Europe

The company from Almeria has registered its products for potato and corn crops in this country, and will soon obtain the registration for the rest of crops. Ecoculture Biosciences continues to expand the distribution in Eastern Europe. The company has registered its...

Ecoculture renews its corporate image

As Ecoculture celebrates 10 years in business we look forward to the next 10 years of continued company growth, with an ever expanding market and improving product range. Marking this important milestone in our company, our logo is now renewed with a much more...

Dehydration, fruit splitting and water stress- all are problems for farmers in summer crops

The summer months are the most stressful environmental factors for crops due to a greater presence of sun and an increase of temperature that raise the level of plant stress due to the strong heat. Ecoculture Biosciences proposes responses to these abiotic stress...

Great improvement of avocado fruit set in Costa Tropical and Levante area with the Ecoculture Biosciences programme

The company from Almeria has solved the problems arising from early flowering, such as cold weather in the southern area and high temperatures in the Levantine region, doubling the fruit set and maintaining the fruit in comparison with areas not treated with CalFlux...

Ecoculture brings its solutions against plant stress to Lithuania and strengthens its presence in Europe

The company from Almería will soon begin the first trials in this northern country, where its products will be branded Premiant. The Almeria-based company Ecoculture Biosciences continues to expand throughout Europe and has managed to bring its specific solutions for...


  By Martyn Pearce & Angel Ruiz     Under stressful growing conditions a plant’s uptake of micro-elements is drastically reduced because of stomatal closure and limited root functionality.                                                      Some of...

EcoCulture helps break the Polish winter wheat record

EcoCulture products distributed in Poland by Procam help break the Polish winter wheat record with a yield of 10.531 tonnes / hectare Winter wheat  ‘Findus’ was sown on the 20th September  2018  at a rate of 340 grains / m2. The previous crop  had...
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Our products are highly effective, allowing reduction in the total amount of nutrients applied to the crop, giving major environmental benefits and improving productivity of the land
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NHDelta technology offers the most beneficial way of feeding plants their nitrogen requirements

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Today, agricultural production worldwide is subject to a large number of factors which generate stress in plants, (drought, high soil salinity, pests, diseases) that negatively impact on crop yield and quality. In a naturally sympathetic manner, our products can support the plants own internal mechanisms to help reduce the negative effects of stress.

Amazing results in Post Harvest in any type of fruit


Extension of fruit life

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Reduction of ethylene emission

NHDelta, CalFlux, XStress


Less nitrate in fruit

NHDelta, CalFlux, XStress