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eCoCulture Biosciences is pleased to announce that Agrometry is our new distributor in Hungary.

eCoCulture announces an exciting new partnership with Agrometry. Agrometry, located in Szentendre (a small town near Budapest), was established in 2017 by people, having long experience in multinational environment. This background gives the ability to well understand the structure and the operational properties of the pesticide market domestic and in wider geographical areas. Having wide range of relations with pesticide manufacturers world-wide, the company represents products of very well known players of the industry, as well as smaller ones. Besides trading with conventional pesticides and fertilizers, Agrometry is devoted to new, innovative technologies especially in the field of biostimulants, creative “crop-feeding” and bio-production. The high sensitivy to farmers’ needs, the endeavor to find the best technological solutions to endusers’ problems ensure the success of the sales with mutual satisfaction to parties involved.

Agrometry is working very closely with our distributor in Poland, Bioagris, that has been doing an outstanding job in his area.

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