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Blush speeds up and improves coloration in red and yellow pepper.

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Blush speeds up and improves coloration in red and yellow pepper.

In the winter months, getting the desired color at the right time in pepper crops can be a problem for environmental reasons. Low temperatures, humidity and lack of light can be a big problem at times when prices rise and market demand is high. For this type of situation Ecoculture Biosciences has developed Blush, the best ally of the pepper and tomato farmer to obtain profitability when it is most needed.
Blush has been designed to improve maturation in pepper and tomato fruits. It provides the Molybdenum and Boron that the crop needs to mature in a highly efficient product that improves color by speeding up the formation of color pigments. It also improves the formation of sugars by activating their production.
The application of Blush gives the fruit a faster, nicer and uniform color improving the overall appearance, which increases its value.

color improvement pepper


– Improves and speeds up the color of the fruit
– Improves the size of the fruit
– In combination with XStress extends the useful life of the fruit
– No hormonal action
– Increase º Brix
– It does not present any security term problem.

Molybdenum acts as a key element in the production of carotenoid pigments, which are responsible for the maturation, reducing the harvest period but not aging it prematurely.

Using Blush
The best use of Blush is by foliar application in all types of pepper varieties in which it is desired to accelerate, improve and standardize the color both red and yellow.
The best effect is obtained when applied at the beginning of the change of colour  and does not negatively affect the ripening process or the firmness of the fruit.

Blush contains 4% molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water, 0.5% boron soluble in water (B) w / w and is available in packages of 1L  and 5 L
Foliar application
Dosage: 100-200 cc / 100 liters (1-2 liters / ha for a volume of 1000 liters). The best dose is 150 cc / 100 liters. Repeat after 5-7 days (depending on the species and variety).
Dosage: 2-3 liters / ha every 15-20 days or fractioning this dose in 2-3 applications with smaller intervals.

Video of several testimonies of farmers who apply Blush.

Video that shows the difference in the speed to reach the colouration in red pepper.



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