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Viazi Power & Delta helping to grow potatoes in drought conditions, Kenya

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Lachlan Agriculture’s head agronomist Angus Ker reports from their trial site in Kinangop.

“This really proves that the Lachlan Viazi Power programme works especially in a time of drought. We are counting 14 to 16 tubers per plant in the Viazi Power programme versus 7 tubers per plant under standard programme.

 The biggest merit seen is the lack of stress in the treated plants, having had no rain for over 5 weeks and no irrigation applied”.

 The Viazi Power programme begins with a tuber seed treatment using a mix of trichoderma, seaweed extract with trace elements, a biostimulant and humic granules.

The crop is then sprayed pre flower with NHCa Delta at 2 L/Ha (3 applications) tank mixed with seaweed extract and a biostimulant.

For the remainder of the season, during the bulking stage of the crop, NHK Delta will be applied on a weekly basis.

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