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Ecoculture Biosciences product range, can already be purchaseded in Brazil. Delta Calcio, Delta K, Delta NHCobre, CalFlux and Tikkun offer new sustainable solutions to producers focused to improve yield and quality under the Brazilian growing conditions.

Valet Grow and Ecoculture Biosciences are working together in the development and adaptation of our unique product range to the wide crop range grown in Brazil. The work conducted previously in other territories in vegetables, fruits, potatoes, citrus, berries and cereals will be a reference to get value from Ecoculture’s solutions.

Delta Calcio y Delta K improve nitrogen use in all type of crops allowing the reduction of nitrate applications around 30-35 % but increasing yield in a sensible manner and at the same time, reducing pollution due to leaching of ground water and soil.

CalFlux improves calcium absorption in plant areas where this process is more problematic.

Tikkun reduces the negative effects of abiotic stress caused by a wide range of enviromental factors

Delta NHCobre helps to break dormancy in situations where enviromental conditions make this process difficult.

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