Prevents and corrects Zinc and Manganese deficiencies

Fast absorption of Zinc and Manganese due to its formulation technology

Ensures a rapid assimilation of the micro-elements


ZimaFlux prevents zinc and manganese deficiencies. ZimaFlux is a water soluble powder formula based on zinc and manganese.

ZimaFlux is formulated using the special Ecoculture technology with rapid action in the prevention and correction of deficiencies due to these microelements.

ZimaFlux improves growth and can help increase the level of sugars in the fruit.


– Fast absorption of zinc and manganese due to its formulation technology.

– Recommended for all types of horticultural crops such as, strawberry, soft fruit, ornamentals and especially those crops very sensitive to this type of deficiency such as citrus and nectarines.

– It can be applied both as a foliar spray, which ensures a rapid assimilation of the microelements or via roots through any irrigation system.



Quick absorption by the plant


Prevents and corrects Zinc and Manganese deficiencies


Very effective both foliar and irrigation

Dose rate

Foliar application: 

Citrus: 1-2 kg / ha in 500 to 1,000 litres of water. An application in spring and 2-3 applications after fruit set.

Fruit trees, vine and olive tree: 2-3 applications of 1-2 kg / ha each during the crop. 

Horticultural, strawberry and ornamental: 2-3 applications of 1-2 kg / ha each during the crop. 

Cereals: 1-2 kg / ha. 1 or 2 applications as necessary. 

Application to the soil: 

From 2.5 to 10 kg / ha divided into 3-4 applications during crop cycle. 

For detailed information the use of ZimaFlux in a particular crop, please visit the crop programmes section.

For more information on individual crops check the specific programmes

Water soluble fertiliser containing the micronutrients manganese (Mn) 14% and zinc (Zn) 16% w/w.

 5 kg