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From: Patrick Salmon (Bionature UK)

I met with vegetable grower Mick Nundy from Windy Ridge Farm, just outside Boston on 17th April 2012 who was concerned that his brassica plugs under glass were developing very slowly due to the poor light and cold weather conditions we have had recently. The crop has received the normal program of base fertilizer and looked well except it was not as well developed as Mick would prefer.

I recommended that he apply 5L per ha equivalent of NHCa Delta to the plugs. He took one tray, as a control, out of the site when the Delta was applied. The Delta was applied on Friday 20th April 2012.

The grower called on Friday 27th very impressed that after 6 days he had seen a very significant change in the crop. As you see from the pictures, the plugs have grown and developed very quickly, the leaf mass improved significantly within the very short time.

The new growth however was not the lush, fleshy plant growth that is typical of young plants fed with conventional nitrogen, the stems where stiff and robust and strong enough to transplant easily.

This farmer grows 10 million plugs and has been doing so for 50 years and he now uses Delta across all his veg crops from plugs in the glass house to potatoes in the field and has been very happy with the result.

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