20:20:20 with micro-elements

Developed for rapid absorption of all nutrients

Corrects any deficiencies with minimal losses

20:20:20 with microelements 

TipTop is a 20:20:20 high concentration suspension fertiliser with extra elements and microelements for foliar applications.

TipTop can be used on a range of indoor and outdoor crops with a requirement for a full complement of nutrients.

TipTop has been specially formulated to ensure it is fully stable in the bottle and fully water soluble, ensuring consistent rates of application and dosing.

The TipTop formulation has been designed to give an optimal spray pattern, ensuring thorough coverage of the plant giving a more even spread of nutrients.


  • TipTop is a unique liquid formulation that is stable in the container, ensuring rapid mixing and consistent delivery of nutrients. Designed to be used in all crops as a single use product.

  • The mixture of macro and microelements guarantees that TipTop can be used alone as a foliar fertiliser. Developed for rapid absorption of all nutrients by the plant quickly and effectively it can also correct any deficiencies with minimal losses.

  • TipTop formulation is designed to provide an optimal application, ensuring safe coverage of the plant whilst providing a complete range of nutrients.



20:20:20 with micro-elements


Developed for rapid absorption of all nutrients


Corrects any deficiencies with minimal losses

Dose rate

TipTop can be applied as a foliar spray. Use a medium droplet spectrum.
TipTop can be used at a dose of 2 to 5 litres / ha, depending on the nutritionalrequirements. Use in a minimum of 200 litres of water / ha.
For detailed information the use of TipTop in a particular crop, please visit the crop programmes section.

NPK fertiliser suspension with microelements: nitrogen (N) 20%, phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5 ) 20%, potassium oxide (K2O) 20%, magnesium oxide (MgO) 1.5%, boron (B) 0.032%, cobalt (Co) 0.001%, copper (Cu) 0.075%, iron (Fe) 0.242%, manganese (Mn) 0.075%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.001%, zinc (Zn) 0.075% w/v

1, 5 and 10 L