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The strawberry season has started already in South Western Spain increasing this year the requirements on value chain for crops produced with less nitrogen residues as well as less pesticides. The aim is to get higher quality strawberries using less inputs for a more sustainable production.

Ecoculture Biosciences offer a sustainable program for strawberry and soft fruit production based in 3 key aspects looking for a sustainable crop:

1. Reduction of nitrate applications (around 35%)

2. Reduction of fungicide applications

3. Quality increase through plants more resistant to abiotic stress factors.

The key products for this program are NH Delta, CalFlux and XStress.

NH Delta is a technology that stabilizes nitrogen supplied as NH2. Used regularly, we can reduce nitrate applications around 35%, as plants will use nitrogen better reducing nitrate uptake and using NH2 to improve plant metabolism. This will be translated to plants with a stronger root system, healthier condition and better flower and fruit production as well as shorter internodes. Nitrate reduction will also make plants more resistant to diseases and abiotic stress factors.

CalFlux in combination with fungicides can help to reduce the total quantities of active ingredients applied to strawberry and soft fruit crops. The application and correct absorption of calcium will lead the tissues to have stronger membranes and cell walls preventing attacks from fungi and other pathogens. Calflux is a calcium solution with low calcium contents and acidic pH making easier tank mix with most of the products used to defend plants against external attacks.

XStress alone or in combination with CalFlux and NH Delta increases antioxidant production in fruits defending the plant against severe stress factors like low temperatures, drought, salinity, heavy rain and humidity, etc. The results is production of more uniform and healthier fruit achieving the highest quality standards.

Ecoculture Biosciences is working already with key strawberry and soft producers in Huelva area demonstrating that our strategy on these crops fits perfectly with the market demand in terms of sustainability

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