Increases caliber and ºBrix

Reduces excessive apical growth

Redirects sugars to tubers

More flowers, more fruits, greater yields

Rainbow Wave

Rainbow Wave stimulates the distribution of nutrients to fruits, flowers and tubers. 

Rainbow Wave is a product designed to switch nutrients distribution from excessive vegetative growth to the harvestable part of the crop. 

Rainbow Wave also redistributes the energy re-sources and other photo-assimilates to the parts of the plant where they are really necessary, again increasing production and quality. 

Rainbow Wave is also a highly effective boron fertiliser and should be used in all crops (such as brassicas, oil seed rape) that have a high requirement for this nutrient. Can also be used in potatoes, carrots, beets to enhance leaf senescence and increase quality of produce prior to harvest desiccation or topping. 

Rainbow Wave technology advantajes


  • Reduces excessive apical growth.
  • Enhances lateral growth.
  • Targets nutrients to the fruit, seed or tuber to increase their size.
  • Increases the level of sugars in the fruit Significantly reduces the problems of alternate bearing in fruit trees and bushes.
  • Product recognised for organic farming


Increases fruit caliber



Increases ºBrix



Reduces excessive apical growth



Drive the sugars to the fruit / seed / tuber


Product recognised for organic farming

How does Rainbow Wave technology work


Rainbow Wave is a specifically designed formulation of the microelements boron and molybdenum to enhance plantnutrient uptake and to rapidly resolve deficiency problems. Rainbow Wave helps the plant translocate the important elements being manufactured in mature leaves, such as aminoacids, to the fruit, flowers, tubers and grains of plantsenhancing yield and quality.

Rainbow Wave has quicker activity than conventionalfertilisers improving colour, flowering and sugar content offruit and vegetable crops.

Recommendations for use 

Suitable for use on all crops:

  • Top fruit and citrus for larger and more uniform fruit, improved colour, increased brix. Reduction in fruit loss at fruit setting and

    improved flowering.

  • Vineyards increased production, size colour, homogeneity and brix.
  • Potatoes increased yield and tuber size, better homogeneity and tuber quality.
  • Strawberries improved colour, brix and yield.
  • Vegetables improved yield, quality and uniformity.

Dose and method of use 

Rainbow Wave can be applied as a foliar 

spray or in irrigation / fertigation. 

Dose rate for foliar application: 1-2 litres / ha in a water volume of at least 200 litres. 

Ensure thorough coverage of plant and fruit and use a medium / fine droplet spectrum. 

Dose rate for irrigation applications: 2-3 litres / ha every 15-20 days. 

For detailed information the use of Rainbow Wave in a particular crop, please visit our crop programmes section

Microelement fertiliser solution containing 9% boron (B) and 0.1% molybdenum (Mo), w/w 

1, 5 and 10 litres 


boron (B)


molybdenum (Mo)

For more information on individual crops check the specific programmes

Download Rainbow Wave Brochure

Some videos about Rainbow Wave 


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