Improves root growth

Quickly corrects microelement deficiencies

Improves absorption processes



HyperPonic is a special high-performance fertiliser designed for application via irrigation systems, and hydroponics. It combines nitrogen, potassium and a range of micro-elements that favour uptake without effort, minimising both the dose and the number of applications, helping to improve tolerance to root stress, quality and production.

Hyperponic does not contain phosphorus in its formulation and this should be applied separately if required.

Suitable for greenhouse crops, and any vegetables, berries or fruit grown with irrigation.



  • Very efficient in the prevention and treatment of micro-element deficiencies

  • Improved absorption at root level



Improves root growth


Quickly corrects microelement deficiencies


Improves absorption processes

Dose rate


Application by irrigation:

Applications of 2- 3 litres / ha every 7 days

For more information on individual crops check the specific programmes

Formula: NK fertiliser suspension with microelements: 9.8% nitrogen (1.1 nitric, 8.7 ureic), 14.2% potassium oxide (K2O); 1.6% calcium oxide (CaO); 3.9% magnesium oxide (MgO); 5.8% sulfur oxide (SO3 ); 0.01% boron (B); 0.01% copper (Cu); 0.001% cobalt (Co); 0.03% iron (Fe); 0.02% manganese (Mn); 0.001% molybdenum (Mo); 0.02% zinc (Zn); w/w