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Ecoculture with its partner company Lachlan Agriculture (based in Nairobi, Kenya) have enjoyed great success with the Delta and CalFlux products in local and export orientated farms.

In return, Lachlan and Ecoculture will be sponsoring one of the local growers in competing in the annual ‘Rhino Charge’ rally race.

Profits from the race will support worthwhile conservation programmes in Kenya, such as protecting rhinos and elephants from poaching. Further information available at:

The sponsored vehicle will carry the ‘Viazi Power’ slogan. This is an agronomic programme designed by Lachlan to optimise potato production under local conditions, which has had significant impacts on crop yield and quality and includes Ecoculture products.

Ecoculture is pleased to have been offered the opportunity to sponsor such a worthwhile event and wishes all the competitors well.

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