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Ecoculture solutions to alleviate water and saline stress in crops

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Ecoculture Biosciences programmes help maintain active vegetation in conditions of water stress.

The problems associated with water deficit and salinity in numerous crops throughout the national territory require a special protocol that allows the plant to produce while minimizing the negative effects of the stress that occurs. These effects cause significant losses in terms of harvest and quality, causing numerous losses in the most extreme situations. Water deficit prevents the correct supply of water in the upper parts of the plant, dehydrating the leaves and being a direct cause of the abortion of flowers and fruits, as well as the low quality of the pollen, preventing correct pollination and fruit set.

The main objective of the Ecoculture Biosciences protocol is to reduce productive losses in fruit plantations and reduce the effects of next year’s harvest as much as possible.

The strong heat, lack of precipitation, high temperatures and the large number of hours of sunshine that occur in Spain increase the stress suffered by plants, which causes some of the major problems that farmers face, such as They are water stress or dehydration. A situation that has been strengthened this year, which is presenting enormous complexity with respect to crop irrigation, especially in parts of the center, south and east of the country, and which complicates the survival of olive, irrigated almond and citrus crops. and fruit trees in these areas.

At times like this, it is essential for farmers to optimize the little irrigation water they have and maintain active vegetation in conditions of water stress. En este contexto, Ecoculture Biosciences, referente en fisiología vegetal, cuenta con las soluciones necesarias para mantener la planta lo más activa posible en estas condiciones y activar la inducción de yemas vegetativas y reproductivas para el año siguiente, regulando de esta manera la vecería.

Ecoculture’s strategy begins in the month of April and is based on the monthly application of its technologies Slick, a set of wetting agents with water retention capacity that helps considerably reduce irrigation and root development; and NHDeltaCa or NHDeltaK, a nitrogen amide with the capacity to produce secondary absorbent hairs in the root system, which provides nitrogen and calcium or potassium, depending on the product, without increasing salinity. Furthermore, in the month of April it recommends the incorporation of Leodita, a highly assimilated humic acid that helps the root development of the plant, the transport of macro and micronutrients and the improvement of the soil microbiota.

The strategy is completed with another of the firm’s technologies, XStress, for any foliar insecticide or fruit set application. It is a formulation with the ability to promote the synthesis of antioxidants in the plant and therefore strengthen it against abiotic stress (salinity and lack of water) and biotic stress (diseases).

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