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Certified for organic production, it favors the absorption and transport of nutrients and its use is recommended for all types of crops.

Ecoculture, a leader in plant physiology and specialist in significantly reducing stress situations that occur in crops around the world, continues to innovate and develop new solutions that help farmers face these adverse conditions, improving their production and quality. .

The company has now introduced a highly efficient micronized leonardite suspension, also certified for organic production, which improves yield, quality, drought resistance and soil restoration. This new technology, Leodita, is made with 100% leonardite in its natural state, extracted in America, classified and pulverized without carrying out chemical processes. It is suitable for foliar application or through fertigation and thanks to an acidic pH of between 4 and 5, it improves the absorption of minerals and nutrients, including iron and phosphate, that would not otherwise be available in the soil.

La nueva solución de Ecoculture favorece la absorción y el transporte de nutrientes, en particular, minerales esenciales y oligoelementos, lo que conduce a una mejor salud y resiliencia de aquellos cultivos que pasen por condiciones de estrés. One of its most important benefits is its acidic pH, which when applied foliarly helps the crop absorb many important micronutrients in an easier and faster way, by converting the nutrient into a more soluble salt.

This highly effective micronized leonardite suspension improves plant growth and quality, crop resistance to stress, root growth, fertilizer effectiveness and stimulates photosynthesis, respiration and protein synthesis. In addition, it improves the structure and releases nutrients from the soil, allows greater moisture retention and has a high capacity to ionize metals, making them available for plants. At a microbiotic level, it promotes healthier soils, activates the rhizosphere and increases biological activity in the soil.

The application of Leodita is highly recommended for all types of crops, whether greenhouse, horticultural, stone or pome fruit, citrus, banana, vines and table grapes, strawberries and other berries, beets or carrots.

This new technology further improves its effectiveness in combination with NHDelta, one of the company’s star solutions, which offers the most beneficial form of plant nutrition by reducing the contribution of nitrogen and irrigation water, improving growth and production.

Leodita also has certification for organic production, within the commitment and commitment of Ecoculture. with the ideals of sustainable agriculture, maximizing the productive yields of crops and minimizing the use of artificial inputs and irrigation water, ensuring that the crops are under the standards demanded by customers and guaranteeing that the product is in the best possible conditions for travel through the food chain.

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