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The company from Almeria has registered its products for potato and corn crops in this country, and will soon obtain the registration for the rest of crops.

Ecoculture Biosciences continues to expand the distribution in Eastern Europe. The company has registered its specific solutions to reduce the negative effects produced in plants by stress situations in Belarus, starting with potato and corn crops and will continue the registration for the rest of the crops during the year.

Ecoculture Biosciences, that operates in Eastern Europe via its distributor Aventro and under the brand name Premiant, will offer the anti-stress solutions in “a very interesting market within our strategy in Eastern Europe”, affirms the company’s General Manager, Angel Ruiz Serna, who hopes to put the icing on the cake in the near future with product registration in Russia.

Expanding into Eastern Europe, Ecoculture Biosciences “will continue to help growers improve the profitability of their crops”. Agriculture accounts for about 9% of Belarus’ GDP and 21% of total employment, being potatoes, wheat, sugar beet and flax the main crops. 

The company from Almeria has been already operating in Eastern Europe in countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldavia and Ukraine; and has recently set up in another ex-Soviet country, Lithuania. Furthermore, Ecoculture Biosciences is also present in European countries such as the United Kingdom or Greece and in South America – in Argentina and Brasil.


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