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Cropping Programme

Increased Yields

The EcoCulture crop programme seeks to increase yields through a greater understanding of growth and how it is affected by various environmental factors.

Higher Quality, Higher Profitability

Our programme improves both the production and quality of the fruit, obtaining higher profitability rates for the farmer.

Growth Stages
Application method Rate of use Number/timing of applications Establishment Vegetative Flowering Yield-Ripening
3 – 5 cc/l
5 l/ha
6 – 8
1 – 2 cc/l
2 – 3 l/ha
2 – 3
1 – 2 cc/l
1 – 2 l/ha
6 – 7
A full spray programme must be used to optimise plant growth, improved rooting, more tillers, stronger stems and more seeds.
For optimum performance use at beginning of flowering and at end of flowering / seed set.
Reduction of physiological disorders caused by plant stress, removal of micro-nutrient deficiencies for optimal growth. Improvement
in plant health for greater disease resistance. Use in tank mix with NH Delta to remove micro-nutrient deficiencies.

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Normally, both the establishment of nitrogen fertilizer doses and the application date constitute a complex problem that arises differently for the farmer in each crop cycle. When making this decision, a series of factors must be considered, such as:

  • Crop needs
  • Soil reserves
  • Climatic factors
  • Residues from the previous crop

The difference between the absorption of nitrogen by the crop and its availability in the soil theoretically determines the quantities to be applied. However, it is important to introduce a corrective index, which refers to the real effectiveness of fertilization. It is considered that under field conditions it varies between 40 to 80%, although when there is a water deficit or fertilization is carried out at sowing, the N efficiency may be lower.


* For any questions or clarification about this crop programme or our range of products, consult an Ecoculture technician. 

For more information about the EcoCulture cultivation programme in Sunflower please contact us.

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