Strengthens and improves fruit quality

Decreases dehydration losses

Promotes fruit set

Greater calcium absorption

CalFlux uses the latest technology to actively introduce calcium into the structure of the cell wall, overcoming problems of poor distribution, reducing physiological problems caused by low levels of this element and increasing the ability of plants to withstand environmental stress. 

Decreases losses due to dehydration

Reduces damage due to dehydration of the fruit. CalFlux is a product that combines zinc and calcium in the same formulation.The synergistic action of both elements allows the plant to absorb and maintain the calcium levels in the areas that present symptoms of deficiency, particularly in the fruit, such as blossom end rot in tomato and pepper, tip burn in leafy crops bitter pit in apples, black tip in mango and avocado, as well as preventing flower and fruit abortion. 

CalFlux will also increase brix levels improving the flavour and sweetness of fruits. 

Prevents tissue collapse

Prevents cell wall collapse. CalFlux provides better structure in the cell wall, improves the size, quality, homogeneity and colour of the fruit. The combination of calcium and zinc helps the plant to use calcium more efficiently since zinc is an essential cofactor in the plant’s growth processes. The product is highly efficient in situations where adverse environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, can lead to loss of flowers and fruits. 

Greater absorption of calcium

The unique formulation of CalFlux gives greater flexibility in its use and improvement in plant responses to calcium, compares to other fertilizer treatments.

Some advantages of CalFlux technology


  • Avoid physiological disorders.

  • Improves growth under stress conditions. 

  • In combination with XStress improves the shape and uniformity of the produce.

  • Greater number of flowers and improved fruit set.

  • Increased firmness, quality and shelf-life of the fruit. 

  • Improves crop health by preventing disease infection. 

  • Innovative surfactant formulation, enhances calcium uptake and improves performance of tank mix products. 



    Strengthens and improves fruit quality


    Improves the shape and homogeneity of the crop


    Greater firmness, quality and shelf-life of the cut product


    Improves calcium absorption

    How CalFlux works

    Calcium normally requires endogenous auxins to activate the transport mechanism through the membrane and maintain growth.

    The special formulation of CalFlux does not require auxins to cross the membrane providing calcium to the cellular structure.

    Calcium continues to enter the cell even in situations of low auxin production under conditions of abiotic stress or poor growth.

    Recommendations for use 

    Suitable for use on all horticultural crops, to reduce physiological problems and improve quality, including vines, grapes, top fruit, soft fruit tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and salad crops.
    Can also be used on a range of arable crops such as wheat, barley,oil seed rape, potatoes, peas and beans during flowering to enhancepod set, seed size and yield.

    For more specific information go to crop recommendations

    Dose and method of use

    CalFlux should be applied as a foliar spray, using a medium / fine droplet spectrum to ensure coverage of buds, flowers, fruitlets and fruit. 

    Dose rate for foliar application: 1-2 litres / ha in a minimum volume of 200 litres of water. 

    For detailed information the use of CalFlux in a particular crop, please visit our crop programmes section.

    Liquid foliar fertiliser solution containing 5% calcium (Ca) and 3% zinc (Zn) w/w 

    1 and 5 litres


    Zinc (Zn)


    Calcium (Ca)

    For more information on individual crops check the specific programmes

    Download CalFlux brochure

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