Better color, better bright, faster

The solution to colouration problems

Better quality for your fruits

Acelera y mejora la coloración de los frutos

Speeds up and improves the color of the fruit 


Blush is designed to improve and speed up fruit color and quality. 

Speeds up, uniforms and improves color in all types of fruit. Blush is a biostimulant designed to improve maturation in fruits and vegetables. It provides the Molybdenum and Boron that the crop needs to mature in a highly efficient formula that improves color by speeding up the formation of color pigments. It also promotes the formation of sugars by activating their metabolism.

The Blush application promotes the acquisition of a faster, more beautiful and uniform color in the fruit, improving the overall appearance, thus increasing its value.




Some advantajes of Blush technology 


  • Speeds up and improves the color of the fruit
  • Improves the size of the fruit
  • In combination with XStress extends the useful life of the fruit
  • No hormonal action
  • Contributes to increase the ºBrix


Color uniforme y más intenso


Mayor brillo y calidad en el fruto


 Acelera la obtención de color


Mayor cosecha a mejores precios

How does Blush technology work

Molybdenum is a key element in the formation of ABA (abcic acid).

On the one hand, it acts as a key cofactor in the synthesis of carotenoid pigments, which are precursors of ABA. On the other hand, it forms an essential structural part of the oxidase enzyme that converts the aldehyde of abscisic acid into the hormone ABA.

Blush improves both processes, influencing the formation of carotenoids and anthocyanins (colored pigments) and, therefore, on the date of harvest, but does not alter the process of phenological development of the fruit (the fruit does not age prematurely).

Compost solution with molybdenum and boron: 4% molybdenum (Mo), 0.5% boron (B) p / p

Packaging 1 and 5 L 


molybdenum (Mo)


boron (B)

Aplication and Dosage

The best use of Blush is by foliar application in all types of crops where it is desired to accelerate, improve and standardize the color. The best effect is obtained when applied at the start of the color change. It does not adversely affect the ripening process or the firmness of the fruit.

It is advisable to mix with XStress at 1cc / L to obtain the best result in post-harvest.


For more information on individual crops check the specific programs

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Algunos vídeos de Blush

Acelera y mejora la coloración del pimiento.

La aplicación de Blush en este pimiento ha adelantado en 5 días la coloración y ha mejorado la tonalidad y homogeneidad del color.

Corrección de Blotchy en tomate  

Corrección de Blotchy o jaspeado en tomate con Blush.  

Aplicaciones de Blush en distintas variedades de Pimiento  

La aplicación de Blush le da al fruto un color mas rápido, bonito, vistoso y uniforme mejorando el aspecto general, lo cual aumenta su valor.

Mejora de calidad en cultivo de fresa

Fresas con más color y brillo, notable aumento de la calidad. 

Aplicaciones de Blush en Pimiento en Polonia  

Espectacular eficacia de Blush en cultivos de pimiento en Polonia.  

Mejora de la coloración de kakis   

Notable mejora de brillo y coloración en kakis .  

Blush en Pimiento California rojo - Ensayos de campo

Ensayos realizados para la medición de la aceleración y uniformidad en la coloración de pimiento rojo con dos aplicaciones foliares de Blush.

Puede ver y descargar el programa completo de cultivo en pimiento con productos eCoCulture