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A single application of CalFlux increased yield by 12% in a recent OSR trial in Czech Republic

By 07/09/2023October 25th, 2023No Comments

Trial result shows importance of CalFlux (Premiant Omega) in enhancing yield of oil seed rape when applied at flowering/ pod set.

Results from  three recent trials conducted on behalf of Aventro by Agrosluzba in Czech Republic, recorded that a single application of CalFlux at 1.0 l/ha increased yield by  on average 0.4 MT/ha.

The purpose of the trials was to understand the performance of CalFlux under the difficult Czech conditions. The crop was winter sown oil seed rape, drilled in 2020 and harvested in 2021. 

The trial took place in 3 different sites: Krasensko, Kuinin and Petroltice, with similar results in all of them. 

The timing of the application was in spring during pod set and the rate of application was 1 litre per hectare. 

The results showed that the combined yield over 3 sites increased by 1.22 MT /ha  (an average increase of 0.4 MT/ha), which is on average an increase of 12% over control. 

In terms of return of investment,  on average 1 litre of CalFlux gave  an extra €177 / ha (based on October 2021 OSR price of €590 / MT).

CalFlux (Premiant Omega in Czech Republic)  uses the latest technology to actively introduce calcium into the structure of the cell wall, improving flowering, pod set and number of seeds.. 

CalFlux was also used by English grower Tim Lamyman to break his own world record for oilseed rape in 2018 with a yield  of more than 7t/ha.

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