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It has broken the best records in winter wheat harvest with almost 18 t/ha and in winter barley, with more than 16 t/ha.

The British producer Tim Lamyman has managed to break two world records, as well as the Guinness record, in the cultivation of cereals using Ecoculture Biosciences technology with which in previous years he had also achieved this same production milestone in different crops.

This producer has, on the one hand, broken the record for winter wheat winter wheat harvest, with almost 18 tons per hectare, more than double the average yield of the United Kingdom, and improving by more than half a ton per hectare the previous record, which It was set at 17.40 t/ha by New Zealander Eric Watson, to be set at 17.96 t/ha.

This Lamyman record took place in the 2022 harvest, when wheat yields winter wheat in the United Kingdom increased considerably despite a heat wave and a prolonged drought, environmental factors against which farmers find great allies in the different Ecoculture solutions. EcocultureLamyman achieved this mark on his 600 hectare farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds, where he grew the new variety of Champion feed wheat.

The second record broken by Lamyman was in winter barley cultivation, where he had the previous best mark, with 14.20 t/ha, and which he has now surpassed by 2 t/ha to 16.21 t/ha, in fertile and clay soils. Despite a very dry spring, crops put down deep roots in a dry autumn and the calcareous soils acted like a sponge to preserve moisture, maintaining strong plant growth through the spring and early summer drought. In addition to these records, this British producer has obtained one of the highest yields recorded in rapeseed cultivation this year, with 8.98 tons per hectare.

La tecnología de Ecoculture used by this British producer to achieve these records were NHDeltaCa, TipTop, CalFlux and XStress. NHDeltaCa optimizes the growth of the crop and achieves better rooting, better tillers and canyoning and a larger and heavier grain. TipTop is developed for rapid nutrient absorption by the plant, correcting micronutrient deficiencies. CalFlux improves flowering and increases the number of grains, delays shaving and improves both production and grain quality, obtaining higher profitability rates for the farmer. XStress is developed to alleviate the negative effects that certain stress situations can generate such as high or low temperatures, droughts or flooding.

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