As Ecoculture celebrates 10 years in business we look forward to the next 10 years of continued company growth, with an ever expanding market and improving product range.

Marking this important milestone in our company, our logo is now renewed with a much more minimalist and global style, reflecting the progress of our company. 

As the values of sustainable agriculture that have characterised Ecoculture since its foundation remain intact, so the new logo continues to reflect much of the original style.

The new Ecoculture logo maintains the three corporate colours of blue, orange, green, representing our three most important technologies: XStress, NHDelta and CalFlux. The three intertwined leaves, one of each colour, emphasise that these technologies work best when used together.The strap-line ‘Stress Specialists’ highlights our focus on the most important aspect of improving plant health, maximising both yield and quality.

Alongside the growth of the company, Ecoculture’s product range has also undergone continued development and improvement. To illustrate these changes the logos of each of the products have been re-designed to closely reflect their individual properties.  Ecoculture will use these logos in all promotional and sales material to give a more cohesive image to our product range.

On behalf of Ecoculture we thank you for your trust and support during these past 10 years. We are confident that for the next 10 years we will continue to grow together in this exciting venture of feeding the world population in a more sustainable way.