Protects the crop against all kinds of stress

Improves post-harvest

Improves the strengthening of the cell wall

Improve growth 


 XStress is a nutritional product developed to reduce the negative effects that result from environmental stressful situations. XStress contains a mixture of micronutrients, with a new system of formulation which gives an advantage to penetrate into the leaf stomata easily and without any effort. This technology is a powerful tool for combating abiotic stress which together with specially combined nutrients to improve the crop growth in extreme conditions such as high or low temperature, floods or droughts (water stress), high light conditions and high concentrations of salts. 

Better Post-Harvest 


XStress strengthens the cell walls and enhances the natural processes that neutralize the oxidative toxins that stress situations produce in the tissues of the plant.


Some advantajes of XStress technology


  • Strengthens the integrity of the cells
  • Improves the natural defenses of the plant
  • Improves post-harvest in all kind of fruits
  • Specially formulated to improve the plant’s natural defences and promote stronger cell walls
  • Neutralizes the toxins generated in the cells during moments of stress
  • Powerful anti-stress product that provides resistance to all forms of environmental (abiotic) Stress


Strengthens cell integrity


Improves crop health


Improves post harvest shelf life of fruit and vegetables


Protect crops

How does XStress technology work


XStress is a fertiliser developed to reduce the negative effects that result from environmentally stressful situations. Containing a mix- ture of micronutrients, formulated with glycine for optimal foliar uptake, XStress allows crop growth in extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures, water stress, high light conditions and high concentrations of salt in soil or water, when plant uptake of nutrients is severely restricted.

Recommendations for use 

Suitable for use in all arable and horticultural crops growing underdifficult environmental conditions.
Improvement in plant health and increased post harvest shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

For more specific information go to crop recommendations

Dose and method of use 

Apply at a dose rate of 1-2 litres/ha in a minimum of 100 litres of water/ha. Spray plants (or alternatively drip irrigate) every 2-4 weeks during periods when the plant is experiencing stress.
For specific information on N.Z. crops go to crop recommendations  or contact


Solution of micro-elements: 0.5% copper (Cu), 2% iron (Fe), 1% manganese (Mn), 2% zinc (Zn) w/w


1 and 5 litres 


copper (Cu)


iron (Fe)


manganese (Mn)


zinc (Zn)

For more information on individual crops check the specific programmes

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