Fruits with more quality

 Rainbow Wave is a product that pushes the crop to translocate the important elements being manufactured in mature leaves, such as sugars and amino acids to the fruit, flowers, tubers and other areas.

Rainbow Wave helps the crop to invest the energy and resources produced into the parts of the plant that are going to be harvested, especially fruits, roots and tubers rather than into shoot development. This improves yield and quality, and also gets more value out of other inputs as they are used to produce different parts of the plant that are also valuable. 

More profit 

Rainbow Wave has quicker activity than conventional fertilisers improving colour, flowering, and sugar content of fruit and vegetable crops.

Advantages of Rainbow Wave 

  • In top fruit and citrus, bigger and more uniform fruits, reducing flower and fruit thining.
  • Improves colour and quality. Increases ºBrix, reducing acidity in a moderated manner.
  • In vineyards increases production, size, color, homogenicity and ”Brix
  • In potatoes increases production and tuber size. Increases also distribution, size, quantity and quality.
  • In strawberries improves colour, Brix, homogenity and production.
  • In vegetables improves yield, colour and uniformity. Reduces fruit losses at fruit setting and improves flowering.


Rainbow Wave can be applied foliarly (alone or in combination with the usual phytosanitary treatments) or in fertigation.


200-300 cc/100 L (2-3 L/ha in 1000 L of water)


2-5 L/ha each15 days from flowering

Rainbow Wave is compatible with NHCa DeltaNHK Delta, XStress, CalFlux, TipTop 20 and other products of the eCoCulture range. Do not mix with oils. If in doubt, proceed to perform a small scale compatibility test prior to application.

9% Boron (B) 0.1% Molibdenum (Mo); w/w

Packaging  1, 5, 10 and 20 L 

Aplication and Dosage

100 – 200 cc/100 L 

For more information on individual crops check the specific programs

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