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At EcoCulture Biosciences, we are working to develop specific solutions to the negative effects of plant stress processes, to improve food quality, to increase yield and to reduce unnecessary wastage.  



At EcoCulture we have developed Sustainable Solutions that allow us to increase production by reducing the supply of nitrates



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Specialist in Plant Physiology

EcoCulture is committed to the ideals of sustainable farming, by maximising the productive yield from crops whilst minimising artificial inputs; ensuring the majority of the crop is grown to standards that customers demand and to ensure that the produce is in the best possible condition to pass through the food chain without being wasted. 

Main News

More Yield using less Nitrogen

The results from the 2017 trial confirms the 2014 results. NHDelta nitrogen is on average at least 15 times more efficient than standard nitrogen when used in an integrated programme.

By using a programme of 4 sprays of NHDelta Ca plus either XStress or 1-4-All there is a potential to increase yield significantly by maintaining overall nitrate levels or to maintain yields with a reduction of nitrogen by 20 – 30%.

‘NH Delta Ca’ plus XStress increases yield by over 10% and nitrogen use efficiency by 20%. 

A field trial conducted by independent research company NDSM Limited, has shown that a programme of 4 applications of NH DeltaCa plus XStress can increase yield and improve nitrogen efficiency when compared to standard farm practice.

Featured Videos

Huge Oilseed Rape Yield Harvest Achieved With eCoCulture

Farmer Tim Lamyman achieved a huge 6.2t/ha yield on oilseed rape at his 600 ha farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds, UK.

Blueberries crop with eCoCulture Strategy in Huelva, Spain

Ecoculture products are applied with great success in Huelva. NHDeltaCa and XStress.

Flowering and curd Improvement with NHCaDelta in Tomato crop in Brazil

NHDelta improves flowering and tomato setting in Brazil. Also very effective to regulate the plant and shorten the internodes.

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EcoCulture Promise

Our products are highly effective, allowing reduction in the total amount of nutrients applied to the crop, giving major environmental benefits and improving productivity of the land
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NHDelta technology offers the most beneficial way of feeding plants their nitrogen requirements.

Crop Information

EcoCulture has developed successful fertilization programs for all kind of crops

Today, agricultural production worldwide is subject to a large number of factors which generate stress in plants, (drought, high soil salinity, pests, diseases) that negatively impact on crop yield and quality. In a naturally sympathetic manner, our products can support the plants own internal mechanisms to help reduce the negative effects of stress.

Amazing results in Post Harvest in any type of fruit


Extension of fruit life

Delta, CalFlux, XStress

Reduction of ethylene emission

Delta, CalFlux, XStress

Less nitrate in fruit

Delta, CalFlux, XStress